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Butterbun’s Response to Transformers Armada

So! I’d head about Armada before, and kind of read over it’s TFWiki page some time ago. It didn’t really sound very appealing. I mean, bad animation? Terrible writing? Bleh.

I was misinformed. Badly.

This series is… wow. I’m not going to say that it was the best TF ever, but I will say that accusations of being the worst of Transformers are gross exaggerations. It’s entertaining, engaging, dramatic, and all around a great series.

Does it have it’s flaws? Well, yeah. It’s Transformers isn’t it? Ain’t been a version of TF yet that doesn’t have animation errors, characters with the wrong voices, weird dialogue, and sometimes really strange leaps in logic.

But holy hell does it grab you. Go watch it. I know I know, it starts slow. Hang in there friend. You’ll know when it starts getting good, and when you get to the end you’ll be more than hooked.

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Will men ever be able to give a shit about sexual assault against women without referring to us as their sisters and daughters?? Stay tuned to find out if men are capable of empathy that doesn’t prioritize themselves!

I see the sisters and daughters thing as just a way of saying look - it’s actually happening on your doorstep so open your fucking eyes and realise it’s not just something that only happens in the movies


If a man is in a room with more than five women, one of them has been raped. Why does one of them need to be his sister or his mother before he wakes the fuck up and realizes there’s a fucking problem? Why can men only feel compassion and sympathy for women if they’re framed in relation to him? Why do women never receive messages about men this way?

This  - and the twin issue “I find sexism horrible ever since my daughter was born.” Where not even the mother of said daughter prompted you to some empathy, not to speak of not needing anyone related to him to see what’s wrong - no, only your own offspring can do that for you.

Exactly — why doesn’t that narrative disgust us? Men live their entire lives surrounded by women; women they know, women they don’t, women they love, women they work with. Why are we not questioning why it is that we’re being told men aren’t capable of empathy toward women until they own one?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Humans don’t care about shit unless it’s personal.

What is more devastating to you? Hearing about a firefighter dying, or that firefighter being your friend’s dad? A professor getting cancer, or it being your math professor?

By making a personal connection, ‘this woman is your mother/sister/daughter/cousin’ it makes the issue more real than hearing about ‘some girl’ on the news.

And guess what?

It applies to more than men.

I am more likely to empathize with someone of a social/economic background similar to my own, because the people I know best are also from that social/economic background. They are my friends, and therefore I have faces to put to the victims. The further you are from the issue, the easier it is to not find it ‘real’.

Like I honestly don’t understand.

 You’re pissed off because a campaign is worded in a way to recognize empathy in others? That it makes people find a connection between the statistics and a person? That encourages men to see every woman as someone he needs to empathize with, and not just those in his familial unit?

Dargon. Will be my example for a $35 commission. 

Dargon. Will be my example for a $35 commission. 

My apologies for the delay! Life stuff happened, but this is the last of the $5 icons. Thank to everyone who got one! 

My apologies for the delay! Life stuff happened, but this is the last of the $5 icons. Thank to everyone who got one! 

The next four! Only one to go!

I apologize for the delay. Things got megahectic over the holidays.



The next four!

The first four of this batch!